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The AI Marketing Club help's Tourism Operators & Small Businesses, just like yours, with AI Marketing Training, so that it GIVES YOU BACK YOUR TIME and KEEPS marketing MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!


Watch Time - 2 Minutes, 27 Seconds.

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If anyone knows anything about Ai, the quality of your output is totally determined by the prompts you use! Get the TOP 4 most used Ai prompts sent to you! 

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Edgewater Resort Hotel Ai Marketing Club Review
The Ai Marketing Club 5 Star Review


5/5 - Thank you so much Victoria, for the AI bootcamp session. There was so much to learn and lots to takeaway and try in our day-to-day work. We are very excited to be doing the course with you and can't wait to see what is next!


Edgewater Lake WńĀnaka‚Äôs¬† ‚Äď Lara Mathews -¬†Marketing Manager

Feel overwhelmed and confused by AI?

Feel Overwhelmed & Confused by AI?  

Maybe you've got questions around AI like:-

  1. Now sure exactly how can it help your tourism/small business? 
  2. Found out that there's WAY more to AI than just ChatGPT, and that every day something new is coming out making it SO overwhelming & time-consuming? 
  3. Picked it up and found it didn't really work for you so you've put it in the 'too hard basket' trying to figure it out? 
  4. Confused about what AI Apps are actually RELEVANT to just your Tourism or Small Business? 

Well you're not alone!  We felt the very same way! 

We found:- 

  • Loads of AI Apps are¬† coming out almost every day (talk about¬†overwhelm city!)
  • Finding that many are geared towards big enterprise or the gaming industry so not at all relevant to Tourism or SMEs'!
  • Discovering the AI App doesn't do what it says it does
  • Does do a part, but too expensive or¬†
  • Quite frankly, completely useless and was a total waste of time researching.¬†

Which is why we developed The AI Marketing Club - to remove the overwhelm and make AI Marketing quick and easy for you and/your marketing team to learn and adopt into your business. 

But first of all - why should you bother incorporating AI into your business anyway? 

5 Star Review Ai Marketing Club Bootcamp

Nicolet From Queenstown Say's...


5/5¬†- Amazing thank you!¬†ūüĎ欆Gold - totally mind blown!¬†ūüė≥ūü§Į


Nicolet S¬†‚ÄstQueenstown¬†(Bootcamp Participant)

Who is the AI Marketing Club Best Suited to? 

  • Tourism Operators
  • Hospitality Providers
  • Accommodation Providers
  • Small Businesses
  • Sole Traders
  • Mompreneurs.¬†

Victoria has specialized in tourism and small business for over 22 years so you couldn't be in better hands!  

This is not suited for large enterprise/corporate or gaming businesses. 

Kjet Ai Marketing Club Review
Victoria Ludemann 5 Star Review From Kjet


5/5 - Our Marketing Team at Kjet found your training very interesting and it gave us some new tools and knowledge with ai.  Really appreciate you sharing this knowledge with us!


Ginny Goding Wallce¬†‚Äď Sales and Marketing Manager -¬†Kjet¬†¬†(Bootcamp Participants)

How Important is it to Adopt AI into Your Business? 

Well suffice it to say - Bill Gate's now owns 49% of ChatGPT which he then proceeded to integrate into Bing as a Co-pilot. 

He's also on a mission to make all businesses adopt AI as fast as possible in their everyday work flow.  For example, he has announced that the windows key on the keyboard of computers are going to be replaced with the 'Co-pilot' key which you will have to hit in order to get the start menu up! He has now also put 'Co-pilot' in Microsoft Office, so he's already baked it into his products. 

Eion Musk has said that if your competitor is using AI and you aren't you're in trouble. 

Peter Diamandis maintains companies will have to adopt AI otherwise they will be left behind. 

The forecast presented by the AI Marketing Institute in the United States maintained that within 2 years 80% of ALL businesses worldwide will be using AI! 

So it's not really a case of IF you should adopt AI but more a case of WHEN you are going to adopt AI! 

With or without the AI Marketing Club
Victoria Ludemann Ratings

Catherine Bone From Auckland Say's...


5/5 - Allow me to introduce Victoria Ludemann, an expert in Digital Marketing and Ai. Her 7 day executive series is specifically tailored for leaders like us to gain essential Ai knowledge and insights ensuring our businesses stay ahead in the Ai field, which is crucial.  

Her more in-depth course is available for your marketing teams to level up their understanding of Ai and save both marketing time and money.


Catherine Bone¬†‚ÄstFormer Edgewater General Manager¬†(Executive 7 Day Series Participant & Platinum Member)

What is the AI Marketing Club? 

The AI Marketing Club is an e-subscription service that saves you time not having to research AI marketing tools yourself and the feelings of overwhelm of having to assess which of the many, many, many AI Apps coming out daily are actually relevant to your business. 

We do the research on what AI apps are relevant to Tourism & Small Business then we assess them and let you know! And what's more if you on one of our paid plans we even show you how to use them in our mini-trainings and full blown AI Marketing Course worth $3,700 which you can get for FREE when you opt for our Platinum Growth Plan. 

Victoria Ludemann Ratings

Michelle From Queenstown Say's...


5/5 - Victoria you were incredibly generous with your knowledge and information that gets a 10/10 from us!  We’re excited to take this journey and have joined the membership!


Michelle & Natalie¬†‚ÄstQueenstown¬†(Bootcamp Participant & Platinum Members)

AI Marketing Club Event Member Discounts

What Included?

We have 3 levels of AI Marketing Growth Plans from which to choose:-

OPTION 1 - BRONZE CLUB Growth Plan - FREE E-Subscription

Get relevant AI marketing news, tips and some of the latest ai apps you can take a look at to get you started. 

When you join you get a FREE 'Top 4 Most Used Ai Prompts' PDF - which are gold and you will use every day!  Simply provide your email and name - that's it! 

Victoria Ludemann Reviews

Ruth From Dunedin Say's...


5/5 - I have not done anything like this before but I can say this has truly opened my eyes and has given me the confidence that I can actually do this now! Thank you Victoria for making this so easy and understandable - you have giving me hope and I look forward to becoming a member and learning more!


Ruth Napper ‚Äď Napper Jewellery - Dunedin (Bootcamp Participant)

OPTION 2 - GOLD CLUB: The 1 Year AI Marketing Subscription Growth Plan

Not only do you get all the latest news, tips and AI App suggestions but you also get mini-trainings/demos of the recommended AI Apps so you can implement them immediately into your business each month keeping you ahead of the curve. 

You will get AI App Member discounts where possible and even relevant 3rd Party Trainings (where possible) that even if you go direct you would not get the same discount as you would by being an AI Marketing Club Member! 

Furthermore, you will get FREE in-house workshops - non-paying members pay per course.  

Podcasts with relevant AI Industry Experts and Use Cases of how Tourism & SMEs are implementing AI into their businesses so you can get ideas for yours. 

Paid members get access to an Exclusive AI Marketing Club Facebook Group so you can connect with other members on the same journey as you. 

You also get a FREE 'Top 4 Most Used Ai Prompts' PDF - which are gold and you will find very useful. 

1 Year AI Marketing Club Subscription
Segway On Q Ai Marketing Club Review
The Ai Marketing Club 5 Star Review


4.5/5 -  The 'Ai for Social Media Bootcamp' was very insightful and will definitely save me time! So far I've also managed to do the Midjourney course in the Membership area which is was great as it gives me a good understanding of how do my own stock library images which is  will save money too! Thank you very very much - I'm glad I'm a member!


Kevin Hey¬† ‚ÄstSegway On Q¬†-¬†Owner - Bootcamp Participant and Platinum Club Member

AI Marketing Club Event Member Discounts

OPTION 3 - PLATINUM CLUB: 1 Year AI Marketing Growth Plan Subscription Members

Where you get everything in the 1 year Gold Club Growth Plan AND you get Victoria's Signature 3 month course (3 mins - 29 mins a day) 'AI Marketing Course - Zero to Hero' worth $3,700 FOR FREE! Yes you did read that right! FOR FREE!

This is for the serious players who want to level themselves or their staff up ASAP learning exactly what AI is relevant to tourism and SMEs (no tourism/SME course found out there like it - even overseas) that will provide you with a good solid foundation from which to build on.  

The monthly updates and mini-trainings will build on this solid foundation rapidly extending the gap between you and your competitors. 

For full inclusions please revert to our plans at the base of this page.  

Victoria Ludemann Reviews

Brian Goh From Dunedin Say's...


5/5 - Thanks I learnt heaps!  I’ve learnt now how to prompt better and a 10/10 for the extra knowledge!!


Brian Goh¬†‚Äď Start-up - Dunedin (Techweek NZ 2024 Bootcamp Participant x 2)

Some of the Clients Solutions & Marketing Reviews that have been conducted for by Victoria in The Digital Marketing Agency:- 
Edgewater Hotel Wanaka
High Leys Lodge Te Anau
Million Dollar Cruise
Queenstown Country Lodge
Segway on Q
Te Anau Lakeview Holiday Park
Southern Secret Doubtful Sound
Kiwi Country Te Anau
Doubtful Sound Kayak
Adventure Manapouri
Victoria Ludemann Reviews

Jo From Queenstown Say's...


5/5 - Victoria was full of energy for how Ai can improve our marketing and website development.   There was plenty of handy tips that can save you a bunch of time in her course.  Thank you Victoria!


Jo Wright ‚ÄstQueenstown¬†(Bootcamp Participant)

Latest Write-ups 

The Otago Daily Times Newspaper - 9 February 2024

The Ai Marketing Club in Mountain Scene Newspaper
Victoria Ludemann Reviews

Cate From Queenstown Say's...


5/5 -  Nice to learn in such a non-intimidating environment, really enjoyed this and has given me the confidence to get started with Ai!


Cate Parry ‚Äď Start-up - Queenstown ‚Äď Bootcamp Participant ¬†


How would you feel if we could save you time?

How would you use it?

  • Maybe you¬†could¬†upskill your marketing staff¬†or¬†give them time off¬†if they wanted it?
  • If you're a¬†Small Business Owner/Self-Employed¬†maybe this could mean you have¬†more time for yourself¬†so you don't burn out?¬†
  • Or even, to have¬†more time to spend with your kids/family so you don't miss out on them growing up?!¬†

The reasons are endless! 

Don't delay, pick your plan today! 

How can AI give you back your time?
Sugary Patisserie  Ai Marketing Club Review
The Ai Marketing Club Rating


4.5/5 - The training was great. We got to understand more about the AI and how we can use it to help us create social media content in a quick and effective way.

All the way during the training session Victoria showed a lot of understanding and passion for the topic. Thank you very much Victoria for helping us out with that. 


Sugary Patisserie ‚Äď Natalia Rodrigues - Co-Owner

What would it mean to you to keep money in your pocket and where we give you back your time?


What would it mean to you if we could show you how AI will help KEEP MONEY IN YOUR POCKET? 

  • Wouldn't¬†the Company Owner/s or Board just love you for it?¬†
  • If you're a Small Business/Self Employed - how would you feel¬† knowing you had saved yourself $1,000s' of dollars on your marketing?¬†
  • If you're a Startup - how would you feel knowing you can FINALLY start that business at cost¬†giving you the chance to live your own dream and on your terms?¬†
Edgewater Resort Hotel Ai Marketing Club Review
The Ai Marketing Club Air Milford 4.5 Star Review


4.5/5 - Thank you so much. Such great energy. We have learnt a lot!’


Air Milford¬†‚ÄstKate Kinikerei - Sales & Marketing¬†Executive

When is now the right time to join the AI Marketing Club? 

If you're unsure simply join the Bronze Club starter option which is free!

However, if you know you want to dive in so you can re-gain you or your staff's time and save you thousands of dollars then the PLATINIUM 1 Year Growth Plan is your best bet! 

In fact did you know that when you do our PLATINUM GROWTH PLAN? 

That we are so confident you'll love the AI Marketing Course that when you actively implement a bare minimum of 50% of our trainings, we are certain you will save a minimum of 2 hrs / week of you or your staff's time (and it's likely to be WAY MORE) or have saved at least a minimum of NZ$2,000 (again likely to be WAY MORE!) in marketing costs, that if you haven't achieved either of these 2 goals within the first 60 Days and you can prove to us that you have done the work, we will REFUND YOU!  

That also means that you MORE THAN COVER the AI Marketing Club  cost plus will help you earn more by becoming a member so you have absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE!

Simply Select Your AI Growth Plan Option Below!
The Rees Ai Marketing Club Review
The Ai Marketing Club Reviews


5/5¬†- Amazing and loving it -¬† very helpful! ūüôā 100% genius. Thank you millions!


Heidi Hellsten ‚Äď Events Manager - The Rees (Bootcamp Participant)

Bronze Club Starter



  • Get the latest AI News
  • Relevant tourism and SME Stats & Trends
  • Updates on the latest AI Apps you can then review yourselves
  • Free AI Marketing Podcasts (coming soon)
  • Updates on the up-and-coming FREE¬†and paid AI Marketing Bootcamps, Workshops, Trainings & Events.
  • Get¬†the 'Top 4 Most Used Ai Prompts' PDF¬†FOR FREE¬†just for¬†joining.¬†
  • No obligation - cancel anytime.
Join for FREE Now!

Gold Club - 1 Year Growth Plan


Gaining Traction & Confidence

  • Get the latest¬†AI News
  • Relevant tourism and SME¬†Stats & Trends
  • Updates on the¬†latest relevant AI Apps¬†
  • Updates on the¬†up-and-coming AI Marketing Workshops, Trainings &¬†Events.
  • Mini trainings / demos¬†of suggested AI apps
  • In-house¬†Workshops / Trainings online included in your membership - in-person discounted.¬† (Non-members pay)
  • Discounts on 3rd Party Apps where possible
  • Discounts on 3rd Party Trainings / Courses where possible (some where it will save more by being a member than if you went to them direct!)
  • Free¬†AI Marketing Podcasts¬†(coming soon)
  • The AI Marketing Club Private Facebook Group only available to paying members so you can connect with other members and get member only news & member support.¬†¬†
  • Get¬†the¬†'Top 4¬†Most Used Ai Prompts' PDF¬†FOR FREE¬†just for joining The Club.
  • 30 Day Trial -¬†only then will the annual payment be taken.
  • Cancel Anytime.¬†
Join The Club Now!

Platinum Club - 1 Year Growth Plan



  • Get the latest¬†AI News
  • Relevant tourism and SME¬†Stats & Trends
  • Updates on the¬†latest relevant AI Apps¬†
  • Updates on the¬†up-and-coming AI Marketing Workshops, Trainings &¬†Events
  • Mini trainings / demos¬†of suggested AI apps
  • In-house¬†Workshops / Trainings online included¬†in your membership - in-person discounted.¬† (Non-members pay)
  • Discounts on 3rd Party Apps¬†where possible
  • Discounts on 3rd Party Trainings / Courses¬†where possible (some¬†where it will¬†save more¬†by being a member¬†than if you went to them direct!)
  • Free¬†AI Marketing Podcasts¬†(coming soon)
  • The¬†AI Marketing Club Private Facebook Group only available to paying members¬†so you can¬†connect with other members¬†and¬†get member only news & member support¬†¬†
  • Get Victoria's Signature 3 month 'AI Marketing Course - Zero to Hero' Course specifically designed for tourism & SMEs worth $3,700¬†FOR FREE¬†just for joining The Club
  • Billing is annual.¬†Cancel anytime
  • In fact¬†we are so confident you will love the AI Marketing Course so much that if you can show us that you have actively¬† implemented a bare minimum of 50% of the course,¬†we know you will save at least a NZ$2,000¬†(but likely to be WAY more!) or¬†a minimum of at least 2 hours of you/your staff's time per week¬†(again likely to be more)¬†within 60 days¬†and if not¬†we will refund you!¬†

    This effectively also means that you will more than cover  the cost of The AI Marketing Club subscription from your savings by being a member! 

    You have nothing to lose! Why not check it out? 
Join The Club Now!

*Please note payments are billed annually. 

Victoria Ludemann Ratings

Le-anne From Queenstown Say's...


5/5 - I attended the workshop with Vicki. I learnt so much from it and it was delivered in a very practical, easy to follow, engaging way. Came back from the course and cracked on with my project as so easy to follow and very inspired just to do it! Have been telling everyone who will listen about it. Thanks Vicki!


Le-anne Kafrda¬†‚ÄstQueenstown¬†(Bootcamp, now¬†Platinum Member)

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