About Victoria Ludemann (aka VICKI JANE)

Victoria Ludemann has worn many hats over the years. Ex-London Corporate who used to run Web & Print Units to owning her own Web Agency in Queenstown, New Zealand which she then sold when pregnant.  She went on to start another international tech company where they got 5,000 customers in 6 months, this gave rise to THE Digital Marketing Agency out of which 'The AI Marketing Club' has arisen. 

Victoria has been in tech for over 22 years and is an approved New Zealand Government Regional Business Partner Provider. 

Victoria Ludemann's skills don't just end there, as she has also owned her own Wellness Practice for over 20 years with a plethora of wellness coaching qualifications (too long to list) but is best known for her Life Coaching she offers on her VICKI JANE YouTube Channel and free Private VICKI JANE Facebook Group geared specifically towards women who are looking to be the best version of themselves whilst attaining ultimate emotional & financial freedom. This is how she has become known (oddly!) as 'VICKI JANE'!

If you would like further information, feel free to watch her videos below! 

Victoria Ludemann's (VICKI JANE) Work History 

From London Corporate running web and print units to owning 3 tech businesses follow Victoria's journey here. 


What's Victoria Ludemann's 'Why?' - What's Her Story? 

Why is Victoria Ludemann (aka VICKI JANE) so passionate about setting up 1 Million Businesses with AI?  Listen to her story here. 


Victoria Ludemann's (aka VICKI JANE's) Value Proposition?

What's the value proposition of joining the AI Marketing Club. Watch the video to find out.  


Victoria Ludemann's (VICKI JANE) Unique Sales Point (USP) 

Why 'The AI Marketing Club' over others (if there are any)?  Watch the video to find out.